We Love Public Space festival 2018 ‘Tomorrow is Now!’

Date(s) – 08/06/2018
1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

vijverhofstraat e.o

Ron Blom, Floor van Ditzhuyzen, en Bas Sala organiseren WE LOVE PUBLIC SPACE Festival op de locaties Mono, Het Gele Gebouwen en de WIJkcooperatie in ZOHO

Free Entrance
Friday 8 June 13.00 – 19.00 hrs
Zomerhof quarter, Rotterdam NL

Love Public Space! | Hate Public Space! | Hack Public Space! | Defend Public Space! | F*ck Public Space!

Public Space is the mirror of society. It’s the place where we perform our every-day cultural exchange. We meet, eat, party, play, demonstrate and clash in public space. With the international ‘We Love Public Space’ Festival (WLPS) we celebrate public space and pay tribute to everyone who is professionally involved in city making. The aim of the Festival is to establish an open conversation about how city makers deal with developments that determine the design and use of public space.
The WLPS Festival is broad-orientated and freely accessible. An open and dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between city makers; from architect to artist, from designer to urban planner.

The theme of this edition of the WLPS Festival is ‘Tomorrow is Now!’. We will discuss those developments that are crucial for the future design and use of public space; the growing influence of technology (Smart City), the need for creative solutions for the climate-resilient city and the crucial role of public space as a meeting place. How do city makers deal with these trends? Which methods and strategies do they develop and use to achieve their goals?

The Festival will be opened with the ‘Ode to Public Space’, followed by an extensive program with contributions from both national and international city makers; ranging from Antwerp, to Ljubljana and Prague. The international lectures are live streamed via Google Hangout. Lectures, workshops and performances are programmed simultaneously at an inspiring location that is representative for the Festival. This year the location is the ZoHo quarter, one of the most active city maker areas in the Netherlands. The event will end with a street-happening. With street food, acts and performances we will celebrate public space in all its facets.


Ode: Annemieke Fontein (NL)

Paula Arntzen (NL)
Alenka Korenjak (SLO)
Kasper Spaan (NL)
Irene Quakkelaar (NL)
Bas Sala (NL)
Jakub Mikuláštík (CZE)
Esther Kokmeijer (NL)
Daniel Paltrow (DE)
Wolbert van Dijk (NL)
Piet Vollaard (NL)
Bouke Bruins (NL)
Willemijn Lofvers (NL)
Ricardo Torres (Peru)
Kris Schurmans (BE)
Luca van der Putten (NL)
Jan Willem Wesselink (NL)
Argus (NL)
David H. Del Valle (COL)
Todor Kesarovski (BG)
Viktor Kasala (SK)
Jan-Willem Wesselink (NL)
Minouche Besters (NL)

Painting – Quint Hartmann;
Workshop Smart City – Future City Foundation;
Workshop Blockchain – Minouche Besters & Martijn de Waal (onder voorbehoud);
Placemaking activity – Stipo;
Music & Streetartists.

The interdisciplinary team behind the WLPS festival consists of Bas Sala (designer), Floor van Ditzhuyzen (architect) and Ron Blom (artist). We share a fascination for public space; we love public space! Team WLPS is representative for the various disciplines and views, approaches and strategies that are featured at the Festival; for city makers, by city makers.

This festival is part of the agenda of Rotterdam Festivals. For a complete list go to www.rotterdamfestivals.nl

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